Increasing your income from playing online slots

Are you looking to increase your income from playing online slots? Then why not consider signing up for some online casinos promotions? Online casinos offer lots of free spins bonuses to players who sign up through their websites. They also regularly run promotional events where they offer big cash prizes and exciting new games to play. Read on to discover some great ways to get started today.

 Signing Up With Free Spins Bonuses

The best way to get started with an online casino is by registering at one that offers a free spins bonus. These are usually offered as welcome bonuses, so the player can try out the site and see if it’s right for them before depositing money into their account. The most common free spin bonuses come in the form of no deposit bonuses, which means there’s no cost involved whatsoever.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are often given away as part of a promotion or as part of loyalty programs. They might be called a ‘free money’ bonus, but you don’t have to pay anything to claim them. You’ll just need to register for an account, and then use all or a portion of your bonus fund to bet on any game you want. Some will give you 100% match bonuses, while others may only allow you to double your funds. It really depends on the terms of the promotion, and what kind of bonus you’re being offered.

Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus is typically awarded once you’ve made a qualifying deposit into your account. This could mean anywhere between $5 and $100 (or more), depending on the size of the site. At many sites, this amount is matched by the casino, and used to fund new accounts. Other times, you’ll receive a small percentage of your total deposit bonus money back as a match bonus.

Loyalty Rewards Programs

These can come in several different forms, including free cash rewards, comp points, VIP status and much more. Each program has its own requirements for membership, but ultimately, it is designed to reward loyal players with benefits, such as additional promotions, exclusive games and special rewards like free bets and cashback. To earn these rewards, you’ll need to play your way towards level 10, 20 or 30.

Referral Bonuses

If you know someone else who likes to play online slot machines, why not recommend them to a website like ours? There are various referral programs available, and you’ll gain credits every time they make a qualifying deposit. For example, we give our new customers 50 free spins when they refer another player, and 25 free spins per friend.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty programs are often included in the terms and conditions of online casinos as a method of attracting new players. However, players who stick around long enough tend to build up huge amounts of loyalty points, and these can translate into real-life rewards. Often, players can exchange thousands of dollars’ worth of loyalty points for real cash prizes.

Cash Back

You can even find cash back features on some sites, which allow you to earn cash by using certain payment methods. For instance, Visa gift cards, PayPal and prepaid credit cards can all be converted into cash, making it easy to boost your bankroll without touching your wallet.

 Deposit Match Promotions

Deposits are often matched by online casinos, meaning that you’ll always start off with a nice balance to wager with. If you’re going to deposit via a specific method, you might get extra perks attached to your deposit, such as a signup bonus, reload bonus, or even a free spins offer. Don’t forget about mobile deposits! Many reputable websites now offer similar promotions exclusively through smartphones and tablets.

Free Spins

It goes without saying that free spins are the ultimate in no deposit bonuses. All you have to do is create an account, and then take advantage of all the free spins the casino is offering. As soon as you place a bet, the fun begins! When you win, the jackpot multiplies – so you could end up winning hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

 Progressive Jackpots

The final type of promotional deal you may encounter involves progressive jackpots. These are simply massive pools of cash, funded by a series of smaller payouts across multiple games. The biggest wins are automatically added to the pot, and shared out among the winners.


All of these types of promotions are great ways to increase your chances of hitting the big one, regardless of whether you’re playing for fun, or hoping to turn a profit. Try to keep up-to-date with what each site offers, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have about the process. Just remember: there’s nothing wrong with